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As a maker, I occupy a space between design, art and craft, giving me fluidity in my practice. My work is underpinned by explorations of materiality, use and disuse, attempting to connect objects to their being as materials-with-form, and materials as having thingness in and of themselves.

Having studied textiles, followed by design and craft making, my practice is rooted in design activism; slow, playful, environmentally and socially conscious. I use traditional and new techniques to create functional sculptures, handmade in wood and other elements, my contemporary craft objects are designed and handmade in limited, collectable quantities and as one-off pieces.

My work is tactile and desirable, visual and ornamental, inspired by patina and narrative. My pieces have been described as exploring ‘themes of carnival, folk art and tribal display with a touch of Blackpool thrown in’. I am a co-founder of creo collective, a trio of makers united in creating exemplary crafted objects. I also undertake residencies, exhibit, facilitate workshops, lecture, teach, curate and write.

I am currently studying towards a practice based AHRC PhD, RepairAbility: Repair-Making as Material and Social Action at CWW, UAL with the TED Research group. Within this I am defining repair as part of an expanded design practice, durability and circularity. I explore repair of domestic objects, and in making practice, seeking mindful connections between hand, process and thing.

I am Associate Lecturer on the Ma Designer Maker at Camberwell College of Arts, and Visiting Lecturer for BA3D Design (Camberwell), Ma Textiles and BA Hons Textile Design (Chelsea College of Art).



Making Circles, Circular Transitions conference, Chelsea College of Art, 23 – 24th November 2016
Experiencing Change / Changing Experience, ONCA Gallery, Brighton, 27th July – 5th August 2016
…by a thread…, Gawthorpe Hall, Burnley, 19th April – 19th June 2016
Mending Revealed, Bridport Arts Centre, 5th March – 16th April 2016
Re- reanimate, repair, meld and mend, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool, 10th October – 14th November 2015
creo collective with Matter of Stuff, The Hospital Club, London Design Festival 2015
The Department of Repair, Camberwell Space Gallery (co-curating and exhibiting), 12th January – 20th February 2015
Knit 1, Mend 1, Keep 1, Change 1, Walford Mill Crafts, Dorset, 17th January – 1st March 2015
Textile Toolbox, pop-up 13th November 2014, online at http://textiletoolbox.com/ : travelling exhibition ongoing
creo collective present creo creates at the Design Junction, London Design Festival (co-curated and exhibited) 16th-21st September 2014
Cambridge Sustainability Residency exhibition, Norfolk Street Gallery, Cambridge, April 2014
Process Practice Play, Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art, London, March 2014
Fashioned, London Fashion Week at Crafts Central, London, January 2014
creo collective present Material Matters at Interiors 2104, Birmingham NEC, January 2014
creo collective present Material Times at the London Design Festival (co-curated and exhibited) 17th-22nd September 2013
Camberwell College of Arts MA Show 2013, 4-12th September 2013
The Geometrics : Volume 1 , Exhibition at Kingsgate Gallery, West Hampstead, 19th April – 5th May 2013
DEW Line, Sustainability in Art residency exhibition, 13th-19th May 2013, Cambridge
Getting Making exhibition, co-curating, The Bear at Camberwell, 23rd-25th May 2013
Library Show, We Weave loom, Camberwell College of Arts, London, January 2013
Mended, visibly mended items. The Library, Camberwell, July 2012
Wondersite, Helmet and 2 bracelets, Japanese Embassy, Green Park, London May- June 2012,
Work in Progress, Blue Necklace, Hotel Elephant Gallery, Elephant and Castle, London, April 2012
Library Show, Stitched Wood, Camberwell College of Arts, London, January 2012
Degree Show, Rugs, Chelsea College of Art and Design, June 2010
Open studios 2 or 3 times a year at Glyn Road Studios, London E5

Tokyo Wondersite 2012
Cambridge Sustainability Residency 2013
Cambridge Sustainability Residency 2014


MA Stars 2013
Crafts Council