I am an experienced workshop facilitator and have passed the Developing Academic Practice MA unit for working in FE.

The workshops detailed below are examples of ones I am available to run, others can be developed to suit your needs, and can also be co-facilitated for larger group of participants.

Please email for price and more details, or to discuss a workshop idea: bridget@bridgetharvey.co.uk


Getting making: Objects and materials
This is a challenge based workshop designed to aid explorations of form and matter. Ideally run over a series of afternoons, although it can be done in one session.

Material Mathematics: Making methods
Involving several different ways of hand-working a variety of unusual materials, participants will create a collection of small objects and explore different lo-tech making methods.

Material Archaeology: Traces of us(e)
Unpicking objects, looking at what we leave behind and object narratives.

Mark making: Experimental and abstract drawing exercises to develop understand of objects in 2d and 3d.

Textile Mending: A brief introduction to mending textiles, mostly garments, working on clothing participants have brought in.

: Narratives of practice
What is a methodology, how we can understand, use and communicate our own.

Getting Going: Mapping, exploring and orienteering
Ways of starting projects, mapping and recording, drawing information from initial ideas.

Looking back: Reflective Practice
Uses of reflective practice and how to do it.